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Today's YOUR day! And at Ariyah Allure by *Kylee* we totally get you. Kylee knows what you need! And it's time you did too, while finally putting yourself first for a change. Slide into a relaxing salon chair, catch your breath for once, and unburden yourself with that "Get Ready" stress. Come by today to prioritize yourself, and let Kylee unleash the healing within & your inner chic.

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    **NEW* Less healing time and greater longevity! Single needle which means minimally invasive. After all, our brows accentuate our eyes while shaping our face.

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    Ombre Powder

    Darker tail fading into lighter brow beginning. Most realistic; most natural. Relatively pain-free option, producing soft & shaded brow pencil effect.

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    Lip Blush

    Natural look! Define & outline, further enhancing your lips' own natural look and shade. Seem fuller, look fuller. Deposited pigment is subtle but stands out.

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    Hand done, manual magic to make fuller eyebrows. Long-lasting & easy care! Durable for every lifestyle. Attractive, natural presentation, bold, vibrant & full of appeal.

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How Permanent Makeup Works

  • "I absolutely love my brows! Natural beauty has always been me - meaning I don't wear anything on my face. That said, I was not sure what to expect, but after the service I was very pleased with the outcome! Honestly it has given me such a more refreshed look."

    ~ Quincy

  • "I felt very comfortable for my first ever brow appointment. When I came back for my touch up, I was happy to see all the improvements she'd made and how AWESOME my brows look! Kylee is very kind, organized and clean."

    ~ Keyshawna

  • "I’ve had two sessions of micro blading with Kylee and I’m so happy with the results. This is especially great because I wear glasses most of the time. Kylee was wonderful to work with, she is very detail focused, with a calm presence that put me at ease. She has a gentle touch, so there was very little discomfort with the process and healing was quick."


  • "I had my brows microbladed for the first time in March. Kylee was very professional, made me feel comfortable by making sure I wasn’t in pain, used a good amount of numbing cream, and my brows look amazing!!"

    ~ Damea

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